sky gre

SkyGre is the vertical, complementary, double-sided photovoltaic system that combines the power of the sun and the value of water, without consuming land.

The patented SkyGre system was created to generate photovoltaic energy in an innovative way, creating totally new possibilities for optimizing the profitability of spaces and no longer create the necessity to choose whether to change the use of a piece of land, particularly agricultural land: on the contrary, it is designed to be integrated and improve activities, evolving and enhancing them.

The system fully exploits the potential of bi-facial photovoltaic panels. In fact, these systems are designed with an east-west exposure in order to maximize the double exposure of the panels by harnessing solar energy from all angles. It also features a patented rainwater collection and channeling system that also acts as a reflective element when the sun is high in the sky and would not be incidental to the panels’ exposure. This same channel can be exploited in both directions, thus also to create special irrigation systems, allowing not only for the optimization of water resources, but also for the complete planning of agricultural activities in all aspects of water use and storage.

SkyGre actively contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions while preserving water resources. With its ability to generate green energy and create a free and sustainable water supply, it creates a virtuous cycle that promotes agricultural activities, the production of clean energy and the maintenance of a sustainable water balance in the name of circularity and respect for the environment.



Reduced exposure to direct light during the hottest hours allows a lower thermal concentration and thus a reduction in the ‘ageing’ of solar cells and panels in general, prolonging the life of the system, or rather maintaining a higher efficiency over time.


Thanks to its double-sided technology and water collection and distribution system, SkyGre enables a marked improvement in resource management and supply, optimising production and making it more sustainable.


The increase in available land despite the inclusion of photovoltaic plants increases profitability per m2 and ensures better planning of the space set aside for agricultural machinery. The plants can also be used as separators and fences.


The verticality of SkyGre greatly reduces the deposit of dust and dirt, thus requiring less maintenance, in the sense of maintenance for its proper functioning, and simplifying the task itself.


Skygre, developing vertically, occupies only 1% of the soil as opposed to 50-60% of the usual plants, which therefore limit the use of the soil for cultivation.


After spending a productive life within the biosphere, all plant components can be disassembled, cleaned and reprocessed for a new life, while also retaining economic value.


The particularity of the double-peak daily production curve of the vertical system allows a reduction in the working temperature of the inverters by up to 20 per cent compared to those used in standard systems during the hottest hours of the day.


Phenomena such as exceptional hailstorms and extreme weather events have been on the increase in recent years and bring with them serious risks for classic systems and also higher insurance costs. Thanks to the vertical positioning of photovoltaic panels, these risks are reduced very significantly.


SkyGre structures are completely modular and require no major civil works, no concrete foundations, and even less land levelling, thus greatly reducing all installation time.

Two-sided vertical panel: high-efficiency sustainability.

The SkyGre system consists of bifacial panels with a vertical tilt of 90° and is designed to follow an east-west exposure.

Thanks to their technology, combined with the SkyGre structure, the bifacial panels guarantee maximum efficiency on both generative faces while occupying only 1 per cent of the available surface area and causing a loss of less than 15 per cent of the annual direct radiation on the ground.

The integrated aluminized steel rainwater harvesting system, thanks to its refractive capacity, allows the panel to maximize the overall energy efficiency of the structure, with significant benefits in terms of energy efficiency, generative capacity and extra functionality.

SkyGre Grapes

This is the configuration designed as a solution for the integration of SkyGre directly on top of vines or similar crops, an agri-voltaic system with a very low impact on agricultural activity.

The rows/crops are totally integrated with the vertical structure, thus becoming a real agricultural plant with full functionality for the activity itself.

The integrated vision of smart city concepts brought back to agriculture, technology at the service of the environment and its integration and respect, for a truly sustainable future and the pursuit of efficiency in all aspects.

SkyGre Greenhouse

The Greenhouse variant, is a special configuration of the SkyGre structure for greenhouse structures, to generate highly efficient energy, limit soil consumption and impact on the land, and adapt the system to the crops.

By using white roofing sheets, the photovoltaic generation efficiency is greatly increased through their natural reflective action, while maintaining full brightness inside the greenhouse.
One structure, a thousand applications.