15 Sep 2023

SENTENT is a highly professional and innovative global force at the forefront of energy and digital engineering. Specializing in efficient, safe and environmentally sustainable renewable solutions, our team draws on the deep experience and expertise accumulated over three decades of leadership in advanced energy solutions. We are committed to pioneering solutions in integrated renewable energy sources and smart technologies. SENTNET offers a wide range of solutions, from floating photovoltaic systems to fully vertical solar solutions, from submerged data centers to advanced plant solutions for telecommunications and robotics. We are committed to providing customized solutions that meet the specific needs of our Customers while respecting environmental and economic sustainability. Our portfolio of proposals goes hand in hand with these ideas, proposing projects with very high added value and carefully developed to deliver excellent results. The SENTNET team consists of a group of highly qualified professionals from different areas of specialization. Through an extensive network of external collaborators and global partnerships, we are able to maintain continuous monitoring of the latest technologies and have in-depth knowledge of our target markets. This allows us to evaluate and plan the most effective solution for each individual project, for a better guarantee of results. Vocation of the company is the commitment to experiment and adopt more and more innovative and sustainable solutions to ensure a better future for all.